Artist Statement – Absinthe Collection

If it wasn’t for those who question authority there would be no advancement.  

Absinthe has been prohibited in most of the world.  It’s addictive nature caused many to hallucinate visions commonly referred to as the green lady, or green fay.  The ritual of pouring absinthe over the sugar and lighting it on fire to look upon the smoke and flame was the inspiration of the Absinthe series.  

Choosing to reclaim bottles for this purpose is symbolic of the metamorphosis of man.  As the lotus is born of the mud, yet is not contaminated by the mud so is the human spirt uncontaminated by life’s suffering.

Possibly, it is my rebellious nature that causes me to use bottles as my canvas.  Working in cold glass, though not typically a suitable medium in fine art, I find that I succumb to that moment where the relationship between artist and medium is inspiration.  Carving into glass will always be that area where I lose myself. It is like walking in a different dimension.  

The glass will undoubtedly be my life’s work.

-Patricia Alexandria      





Patricia Alexandria is an award winning emerging artist whos earliest memory is painting. Since then, she has painted for Disney and Mattel, as well as worked as a glass artisan. Patricia is now turning to her own creations, inspired by greats such as Maxfield Parrish, Gustav Klimt, Emanuel Nunez, Sargent, Charles Gabriel, Lisa Gloria, Thomas Blackshear and others.  She is currently creating in Shadow Hills, CA as a member of SOPA and the Angelus Crest Art Guild.