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How Sandblast glass sculpture by Patricia Alexandria. The process is a step by step of how these works are created from inspiration to the finished product

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5th Blasting:

Sandblasting is done in layers. Starting with the areas that will be blasted the most, peal the resist away, then blast to the desired depth.        peal & blast     peal & blast     When the piece requires deep carving sandblast away the areas that are being removed first.    … read more

4th Cutting:

Cutting is essentially redrawing with a knife, xacto knife. These are the drawn lines that matter.  There is no erasing or redrawing, cuts are made exact. Technically one must consider how each line connects with another line.  These connections create separate areas that can be revealed and blasted.  Each area needs to be distinguished from… read more

3rd Layout:

Once the glass is wrapped in a blanket of resist I usually draw on it with a sharpie.  I lay out the basic drawing.  This is where I start to think in technical terms.  Considering the depth of each sandblasted area.  and how I will maintain the integrity of the line. So I often redraw… read more

2nd Protecting The Glass

Glass scratches.  However, the areas that are supposed to be clear, cannot get scratched.  And working with sand, at high pressure can scratch glass, that’s really the whole point.So using a resist, I cover all the glass, (inside and out if it is a 3D object, such as a bottle) So I like to use… read more

1st Inspiration:

Finding a glass that inspires.  Glass is not a white page.  Sometimes the shape or color of a piece of glass just strikes a nerve and I know this is speaking to me.  Working with the glass to determine can take time. I can have a bottle around, sitting on the window sill for weeks. … read more